American Burqa - Credits
Chezere Renee Maya American Burqa



Feature Films:
2001 Production Manager and First Assistant Director: 'Dances With Dreams',--Mar del Plata, Argentina
1998-00 Production Manager and First Assistant Director: 'The Last Stop'--Los Angeles, CA
1995 Director: 'Rodell'--Chicago, IL
1994 First Assistant Director and Production Designer: 'Sayeh-e Vahshat' / 'Shadow of Fright'--Germany
1993 First Assistant Director and Production Designer: 'Sara'--Iran
1992 Consultant to Director and Production Designer: 'Parvaz Ra Be Bespar' / 'Remember the Flight'--Iran
1990 Production Designer: 'Rooze Bagheh' / 'The Day of the Big Event'--Iran
1989 First Assistant Director and Production Designer: 'Fil-dar Tariki' / 'Elephant in the Dark'--Iran
1988 First Assistant Director: 'Grand Cinema'--Iran
1987 First Assistant Director and Production Designer: 'Gol-e Maryam' /'Tuberose'--Iran
1986 Second Assistant Director: 'Tasvir-e Akhar' / 'The Last Picture'--Iran
1985 Second Assistant Director: 'Shabah-e Kadjdom' / 'The Shadow of the Scorpion'--Iran
1984 Second Assistant Director: 'Autobus' / 'The Bus'--Iran
1983 Third Assistant Director: Mardi Ke Ziad Midanest' / 'The Man Who Knew Too Much'--Iran
1982 Second Assistant Director and Stage Manager: 'Dadshah'--Iran
1981 Second Assistant Director and Stage Manager: 'Veresk, Pol-e Piouzi' / 'Veresh: The Victory Bridge'--Iran

2001-02 'American Burqa'--Chicago, IL
2001-02 Community Art Project/Film Project on Intercultural and Interreligious Marriage--Chicago, IL

Short Films:
1991 Director: 'Gol-e Gandom' / 'Wheat Flower--Iran'
1989 Editor and Director's Consultant: 'Shab-e Gharibeh' / 'The Stranger's Night'--Iran
1980 Director: 'Mosht, Nemoneh-e Kharvar' / 'A Bit Represents All'--Iran
1980 Cinematographer: 'Man Barayeh Jang' / 'I for War'--Iran
1980 Cinematographer: 'Dars-e Emrooz' / 'Today's Lesson'--Iran
1980 Writer and Director: 'Cart-e Tabrik' / 'Greeting Card'--Iran

Television Productions:
2000-01 TV Director of upcoming weekly program for the Iranian Community-- Chicago, IL
1991 First Assistant Director and Production Designer in a series of 17 episodes: 'Roozi Roozegari' / 'Once Upon a Time'--Iran
1990 Director and Production Designer in a series of 4 episodes: ' Kamand-e Khaterat' / 'Memory Lane'--Iran
1986 Art Reporter and Critic: 'Jonge-Honar: Art Collection' a weekly Arts Program--Iran
1981 First Assistant Director: 'Khak-e Shirin' / 'Sweet Dust' directed by Kianosh Ayari--Iran

Video Productions:
2001-02 Writer, Director & Producer 'My Dream Came True', a behind the scenes look at 'Dances With Dreams' --Mar del Plata, Argentina and Chicago, IL
1999-00 Writer, Director & Producer 'Memoirs For Beloved: Sohrab Shahid Sales'--Chicago, IL
1998 Writer and Director: 'Happy Birthday'--Chicago,IL
1997 Videographer: 'I Shall Salute The Sun Once Again: Forugh Farrokhzad'--Chicago, IL
1995 Director and Editor: 'Iranian Heritage Day'--Chicago, IL
1994 Behind the Scenes Cameraman: 'Pari'--Iran
1991 Behind the Scenes Cameraman: 'Hamoon'--Iran
1991-94 Advertising and Commercial Video Production--Iran

Film Scripts:
2001 'American Burqa'--Chicago, IL1998 'Happy Birthday '; A cross-cultural film about loneliness
1994 'Rodell'; A cross-cultural film for children
1994 'File 707'; Drama
1993 'The Savior's Vessel'; A science fiction film for children
1992 'Qizilbash'; Folklore/Mythology
1991 'Hasad' / 'Envy'; Drama
1991 'Raghs-e Atash' / 'Fire Dance'; Drama
1990 'Tavalodi Digar' / 'Another Birth'; Drama 1988 'Mehr Banan' / 'The Sun Guardians'; Animation
1987 'Gol-e Maryam' / 'Tuberose'; Family Drama, co-writer
1986 'Eastgah' / 'Station'; Psychological Drama, co-writer

1994 Invitation to participate in Iranian Film Festival for 'Sara' at the Art Institute--Chicago, IL
1994 Invitation to participate in 47th International Cannes Film Festival--France
1980 Best Title for 'Cart-e Tabirk' / 'Greeting Card' at Fajr Film Festival--Iran

1992-95 President of National Guild of Assistant Directors and Planners of Iranian Cinema, until I came to the U.S.A

1999-02 Founder/Editor in Chief for ' 'an English magazine online
2000-02 Staff Writer/Reporter for a weekly radio program about Iranian Cinema at
1999-02 Staff Writer for Iranian Cinema for 'Khaneh', a monthly Iranian paper--Chicago, IL
1995 -97 Staff Writer for 'Cinema T97'--Los Angeles,CA
1992-94 Film and Media Editor of 'Hamshahri,' a major daily newspaper--Tehran, Iran
1991-92 Editor for the Cultural Section of 'Sima-ye Javan,' a weekly magazine--Iran
1989-90 Film Critic for 'Abrar,' a major daily paper--Tehran, Iran
1986-89 Freelance Film Critic, Iran

1995-02 Participation in the Chicago International Film Festival--Chicago, IL
1995-02 Participation in Latino Film Festival--Chicago, IL
1994 Participation in 47th Cannes International Film Festival--France